RAF Halton near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire is 30 miles North-west of London and is conveniently situated between to railway stations. RAF Halton has a long and successful history of training, spanning over eighty years. Halton is, for many the gateway to the Royal Air Force. The station provides Basic Recruit Training for Airmen and Airwomen entering the service management training for personnel selected for promotion to Cpl. Sgt and FS. Additionally the station provides initial specialist trade and post-graduate training in the Secretarial and Personnel Administration, Supply, RAF Police and Catering Specialists. Specialist training is also given in Civilian Management, Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Quality Assurance, and Drill & Ceremonial duties.

The objectives of Mainpoint magazine are many and varied, primarily it will supply a permanent record of life on and off the station – sports, entertainment, welfare and even work events. There is also a strong local community involvement.

All the editorial is written by serving officers and personnel and unlike most other newspapers and magazines, Mainpoint has a long shelf life and the advertising is used as a directory of services and facilities in the local area. Whilst it is by way of obtaining advertising for Mainpoint that this magazine’s publishing costs are covered, the excellent quality, interesting articles and wide local distribution makes this a must for advertisers. Indeed many companies advertise on a regular basis and find that the quarterly ‘drip feed’ of keeping their company profiles going throughout the year brings results.

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