Air Cadets reach new heights at Halton

A group of Air Cadets from Buckinghamshire have overcome their fears and tested themselves both psychologically and physically on the High Ropes Course at RAF Halton.

As part of the RAF Outreach Strategy, the group of 16 Air Cadets from 2409 Squadron (Halton) Air Training Corps were invited to make use of the High Ropes facility at RAF Halton. The facility, which is a towering collection of physical challenges, aims to develop teamwork, determination, communication and courage amongst a raft of other skills essential to military life.

The Air Cadets is a national youth organisation for young people aged 13-20 who have an interest in RAF related activities. Halton Air Cadet Squadron, one of the biggest in Herts and Bucks Wing, has approximately 70 cadets and is fortunate in being based at RAF Halton. Sergeant Suneil Raval, Outreach Instructor, led the day and said: “The team reach out to every element of the youth sector which includes uniformed youth groups. It’s important that we go to Air Cadet units to ensure that they have current and up to date information about the RAF and the application and recruitment process. We work with all of the Air Cadet units in our region of responsibility and all those that come to RAF Halton for camps. It’s really nice however, to work with Halton Air Cadets as it offers us an opportunity to cement the relationship between the Station and the cadet unit and therefore the local community.”

Cadet Corporal Chris Rotherham (16) from Aylesbury said: “I joined the Air Cadets because I’ve always liked the idea of flying. My dad had links with the staff here and so I went along one evening and was hooked from there.” He added: “If I wasn’t doing Air Cadets I’d probably be at home doing nothing. The Air Cadets gives me so many opportunities to get out and actually do stuff.”

Chris who is studying for his GCSE’s was one of several cadets who faced up to their fears and challenged themselves on the High Ropes. He said: “I’ve been getting over a fear of heights in the past year so today on the high ropes has been really good.”

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