On 13 Sep 21, Ian Harvey and Bruce Crosby, both ex-Halton Apprentices of the 114th Entry (1968-71), presented the Trenchard Museum with a model of Building 274, known as the Beaufighter Classroom. A unique building at the airfield, this classroom had been in use since the mid-1940s to teach aero-engine fitters the ins and outs of ground-running multi-engined aircraft. Initially a whole aircraft had been used but the limitations of cockpit space meant that only one or two students could see the instruments. The solution was to replace the rear part of the airframe with a small classroom fitted with oversize replacement instruments on one wall. It was still in running order in the early 1970s, powered up for the 50th anniversary of the Apprentices, but soon deemed redundant and removed. The remains of this unique installation are being used to rebuild an airworthy Beaufighter in Australia. We dream that it may fly into Halton airfield one day!

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