CO’s Cup

Volleyball launched this years CO’s Cup competition.

It proved to be a well attended and highly competitive event. Those in attendance were treated to some solid displays, just falling short of standards seen in the FVB! The amalgamated team of DCTS/ MPGS/ PSF/ C4i ran out eventual winners, with TAC a close second.

The second event of the year was Uni-hoc. MTS won the round robin, accumulating a total of 9 points, losing only one game in the process. TAC again fell just short of winning the competition, finishing in second, with a total of seven points.

Due to the refurbishment of the Burnett Gym floor, April’s Basketball competition was postponed until May. This was played in a league format that consisted of 5 teams. All teams played four games each. As always enthusiasm was high, with RTS providing what seemed like an entire Squadron’s worth of players!

At the end of the competition 1st place was awarded to MTS, and in joint second place were TAC and SMTW.

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