CTS Leave Halton on a High

The RAF once again fought to hold on to the Inter-service Culinary Challenge Shield for a 4th time in succession at Ex JOINT CATERER 11 against the Royal Navy and Army. The 3 days were fraught with the usual nerves and highly tense and competitive edge.

From the RAF TG19’s 95 entrants; 34 were from Catering Training Sqn at RAF Halton made up from instructors; staff and trainees. The haul of CTS medals and accolades included;

7 Gold Medals (1 Best in Class)

10 Silver (2 BiC)

13 Bronze

4 Certificates of Merit

A selection of team and individual events attracts ‘Blue Ribbon points’, the Service with the most points are overall champions. The RAF won with 7 points out of a possible 16. It is a great achievement to win a fourth successive time and a great legacy to leave RAF Halton as the Service Culinary Champions as we head off to the new home of RAF Catering Training at Worthy Down.

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