ESS Present RAF Halton with Gainshare Cheque

After another successful year Eurest Business Director, Andy Craig, visited RAF Halton to present Group Captain Harper with a cheque to the value of £68.000, which represents 50% of Catering, Retail and Leisure (CRL) profit the unit has generated over the last year.

Once again the amount has been shared around the areas that generated theincome and ESS look forward to seeing it put to good use for the benefit of the Station community.

Nick Coyne, Eurest Support Services (ESS) Site Manager, said: “Last year I was lucky enough to present £98.500 due to the Unit’s involvement over the Olympics. I expected this year to achieve £40.000, so to deliver £68.000 is great, and now I will start generating the Gainshare cheque for next year.”

Keith Shelley, Client Serco Contract Manager, said: “Serco, working in collaboration with ESS, are exceptionally pleased to confirm £68.000 of Gainshare for RAF Halton. Demonstrating yet again that the mutual financial interests of our customer are embedded within the Serco and ESS commercial objectives. We will continue to work very closely refining the service offers, whilst maintaining the highest service levels, in an effort to deliver similar results next year.”

Group Captain Harper, said: “I was really pleased to accept a cheque for £68.000 which represents RAF Halton’s element of the profit made from our Catering, Retail and Leisure contract. Throughout the year we have worked very hard with our partners ESS to develop and improve our facilities, and the opening of the All-Ranks Bar and Junior Ranks Snug in the Rothschild Club for example,has been very successful. £68,000 represents a significant achievement and we will now reinvest the money into the Station so that we can continue to improve our leisure amenities.”