The day dawned suitably cold and windy with all five members of Accounts Flight reporting to the Station Learning Centre promptly at 9am. The first task of the day was to grab a hot drink – we failed to get Brownie points from OC FDTF, Flt Lt Steve Sharpe as we missed him out! Not an auspicious start!

Our first task involved different Hats – Black Witch for Harriet, White Trilby for Lamin, Blue Police Helmet for Chris, Yellow Miner’s Helmet for Clarence and Red Santa for Debbie. This exercise was based on Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats with each Hat portraying different qualities. Steve displayed much versatility with his Green Stretchy version! This led on to an exercise consisting of trying to recreate a Lego model. We were able to view the model, but with limitations imposed it was hard to build an exact replica. Some of the rules led to Debbie and Chris being excluded for over zealous participation! Although the end result wasn’t exactly as the original, we felt it was a good attempt – another few minutes and we think we could have made it! Unfortunately for us, Steve reduced our time allowance during the exercise – Bounder!!

To our surprise (and some would say, horror) we found out that our next task which was a skiing trip to Milton Keynes Sno Zone, had been changed to Snow Boarding! At the Burnett Gym, Sgt Dowling kindly kitted us out with appropriate attire – hugely attractive! We arrived at an extremely windy Milton Keynes feeling very nervous. However, our Instructor proved very patient (thankfully!) as he was begged not to let go of a certain team member as she proceeded backwards down the slope in a not too graceful manner! Some team members proved more adept at the skill than others and were soon enjoying themselves immensely speeding down the slope. The hour went all too quickly but all agreed a good time was had by all with most members saying they would love to give it another go.

We adjourned to McDonalds for a well earned lunch and to discuss the day. All agreed it was brilliant to spend such an exciting day together out of the workplace. We all learnt a lot about each other and gelled as a team – we all look forward to the next one – maybe Switzerland next time?!

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