Farewell and congratulations


As RAF Halton says a fond farewell to Warrant Officer (WO) Recruit Training Squadron (RTS), Mr Paul Wheable as he retires from the Royal Air Force after nearly 39 years of Service, they celebrate the award of the Royal Warrant to 3 newly appointed Warrant Officers.

WO Paul Wheable, who joined the RAF in 1974, retires from the Service in October. Having arrived at the Recruit Training Squadron (RTS) in 2007, WO Wheable has been on a staggering 110 Graduation Parades where he was always the Parade Marshal. As part of his farewell from the RAF, WO Wheable was given the opportunity to fly in a Hawk T1A Aircraft from 208 (Reserve) Squadron, RAF Valley, for the flypast over 60 graduating recruits. He said: “It was amazing to be given the chance to fly over the parade square. I have seen lots of graduation flypasts and been part of many parades, but to be involved in both at the same time was just incredible.”

During his time on RTS, WO Wheable has been at the forefront of many initiatives. Mr Wheable said: “Without doubt, RTS has been the most rewarding job I have ever done.”

As Mr Wheable moves on, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall awarded three Royal Warrants to RAF Halton Warrant Officers in her capacity as Honorary Air Commodore.

Warrant Officer Michael Coyle said: “It was an amazing privilege to be chosen to receive my Royal Warrant from the Duchess.”

Warrant Officer Dave Churchyard added: “I feel very fortunate that I have been given opportunity to receive the Royal Warrant from the Duchess in times when receiving the Warrant from Royalty is an exception rather than the norm. It’s a great honour.”

Warrant Officer Tony Isherwood summed it up with:

“It is a great honour to be presented with the Royal Warrant and to have it presented by a member of the royal family makes it even more special and memorable.” 


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