Halton author

Ex RAF Police Flight Sergeant, John Salter, who works in the Central Registry at RAF Halton, has just had his second book published.

The historically correct Roman tomes have been published in the UK, USA, NZ, Spain, Germany, Romania and Rome.

John Salter was born in the Roman city of Chester, previously called Deva, in 1963, and has been fascinated by Roman Britain and all things Roman ever since, as a boy, his parents took him to a museum. After 25 years of service in the RAF he decided to put his life-long study of Roman history into writing, and began his Blood of Rome series, which will cover every aspect of Rome’s attempted occupation of Britain. His first book, Blood of Rome Caractacus, was published in 2013. His chief inspirations include Manda Scott, Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane. The second novel in the series, Blood of Rome Retribution, was published early this year. Since then the BBC History Magazine have shown interest and John has been reviewed by the Idaho Mid-West magazine and a radio station in Washington DC.

John was assisted in proof reading by his registry colleague Miriam Hill, pictured with him.

John said: “Upon leaving the RAF in 2005, I was finally able to settle down and concentrate on writing the Blood of Rome series. It began with Blood of Rome Caractacus, who was Britains first real hero, even before Boudicca: who later led a revolt against the Roman occupation of Britannia, or Albion as it was then called by the indigenous population. “Caractacus fought the invaders five times longer than Boudicca and should be celebrated equally, yet most people have never heard of him, I hope Blood of Rome will set the record straight. Owing to the success of my debut novel, Blood of Retribution was published earlier this year. The novels are as historically accurate as possible and due to their nature, relatively graphic and not for the faint hearted.”

Both books are now in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.