Making Waves

As one of the newest recognised sports in the RAF, the RAF Water-ski and Wakeboarding Association (RAF WWA) aims to provide good quality facilities, safe training, sports tours and RAF and inter-services competitions for any RAF personnel & dependents irrespective of their ability or experience.

The association supports various disciplines within the sport which include Slalom, Tricks, Jump, Wakeboard, Kneeboard and Barefoot.

The RAF WWA hold the RAF Water-ski & Wakeboarding Championships annually. Additionally, the RAF Regions will provide representative teams to compete annually in the aforementioned disciplines at RAF WWA Inter-regional Championships. The RAF WWA will participate in the Inter-Service Championships, other competitions and will encourage RAF participation in the Combined Services Water-ski Team. Furthermore we will support our elite competitors in National, European and World Amateur Competitions and Championships.

If you want to get involved in an exhilarating and challenging sport and join in on the fun, then you can do so at one of our dedicated training areas. We are currently in the process of moving our Southern Units Regional Club to Oxford wakeboard and water-ski Club which is located just north of RAF Benson (only 40 mins drive) the site has fantastic facilities including club house and barbecue area.  Whether you’d like to have a go as an individual or organize a section team building event (funding can be made available) please get in touch with either Jo Goodwin on 01296 656330 or Phil Allen on 01256 367084.


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