Military multi-skills fitness competition

On the 4th and 11th of July, Cpl Tara Finch (SATT Flt PTI), along with a very dedicated team of trainees from Airmans Development Flight (ADF) hosted a ‘Mini Military Multi- Skills Fitness Competition’ for the local pupils from Wendover Church of England Junior School.

The event took place over 2 consecutive Thursdays, with 340 pupils in total, ranging from Years 3 to 6. The aim of the days was to cover some of the skills involved in military life – team work, determination, physical robustness, co-ordination and most importantly for them, having a good time.

The days coincided with the start of the heat wave, which made both afternoons down on the Coslett Pitches enjoyable for all!

The children worked round 7 events with enthusiasm and gusto. The competition comprised of a mini-obstacle course, bean bag throws, farmer carries, cricket stump throws, 3-legged races, kit relays, and ‘over and unders’ with a ball.

Helping Cpl Finch were colleagues from SATT Flt, Stn PTIs from Finlay and Burnett Gyms, and trainees from McTeague and SATT Flts. Everyone on the day played a vital part in making the event enjoyable and run smoothly.

AC Parsonage from McTeague Flt, said “Helping out on the day with the kids was so much fun. It was a good opportunity to get involved with the community, as well as enjoy the sun. From the smiles on their faces the children seemed to enjoy themselves and that was the main aim of the event!”

The feedback from the school was very positive, with them expressing interest in a similar event next year.

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