MPGS take part in march and shoot triple crown challenge 2013

This year saw the first time that a Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) team from RAF Halton has entered the Annual Triple Crown Challenge which is held at Worthy Down; a section based event designed to measure military skills and battle fitness within a competitive environment.

The competition is undertaken by two ‘Fire Teams’ of four people; C Fire Team takes part in the 12 mile March and Shoot phase, and D Fire Team enter the Military Skills and Obstacle Course phase. RAF Halton entered a four-man team in the March and Shoot.

Throughout the event all team members carry 30lbs of kit, helmet and a rifle and have to navigate the route which is a mixture of roads and tracks and, at a certain stage, a live firing shoot is undertaken. Accuracy within the shooting element can influence the overall score and it is possible to out score a faster team.

Privates Elliot Davies, Phillip Turner, Stuart Vaines and Kallidas Kambang, with Sgt Sean Staunton in reserve, started training approximately six weeks before the competition.  Sgt Staunton said: “We were a late entry and got in just before the deadline so had limited time to train together prior to the event. We decided that we would do a ‘Tab’ a week, building up to twelve miles, which we achieved with a few blisters along the way”.

“We knew that we would not be in a position to win the event but certainly we would not come in last! Our intention was to take part for the fun of it with a consideration of a more serious attempt in the future.

On the day the competitive spirit kicked in and although it was enjoyable the fun element was pushed aside as the team dug their heels in and ran home with a time of 3 hours and 6 minutes which, considering the limited training time was very reasonable. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are already planning to enter again next year.”

Private Stuart Vaines said: “Around the end of March 2013 myself and four other members of the MPGS at  RAF Halton were invited to attend the annual AGC Triple Crown 12 mile March and Shoot Competition in Worthy Down, Wiltshire. With the event taking place around the middle of May, we had little time to spare, so with great support from the Station, through Sgt Staunton, we were issued with all the equipment needed to ensure we were able to give it our best effort on the day. We arrived the afternoon before and were immediately impressed by the sheer scale and effort that had gone into this event, and as a result we were even more determined to give it a real go.

We arrived at the start line the following morning and started off at a reasonable pace and quickly realised, due to the looming close contours on the map, that this was going to be no easy feat but as the miles passed it was apparent that we were growing as a team and were constantly encouraging and pushing each other. With this great team spirit, not only were we able to arrive at the finish as a complete team, but also in good time. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding time was had by all.”

Flight Lieutenant James Lambert, Officer Commanding Police and Security Flight, said:  “The team performed very well and  are a credit to the Military Provost Guard Service, No 6 RAF Police Squadron and the Station.  With very little time for training, they tackled the challenge with the typical robustness and determination that they show every day whilst providing critical security.  Indeed, their efforts are typical of all of the MPGS and RAFP personnel at RAF Halton.  I am very proud of them and look forward to next year’s entry.”