Our Experience

On Thursday 24th October three students on work experience went to Halton to see what the RAF base was like.

Our names are Sarah Rudge, Peter Farrar and Jack Risk. Whilst at the base we were going to see the WW1 trenches, Halton House and the Joint Service Gliding Centre.

The WW1 trenches were one of the highlights of our trip at Halton. Cpl Russ Barber escorted us around the trenches that are a reconstruction of what soldiers had to face in WW1. The trenches had lots of interesting facts about what happened in the war and what soldiers had to face. Pete said “the trenches were educational, it was about guns, fighting and it was realistic.”

Afterwards we got a chance to see the famous Halton House. It had some amazing rooms that had previously been used in TV shows, such as Flog It, and films, such as The Duchess and The Kings Speech. Mrs Ali Prince showed us around the many rooms of Halton House, and told us some fascinating information about its past. Sarah Said “It’s massive! It must be great to have a job there and just wander around it all day!”

On a spur of the moment we were able to get a tour around the Joint Service Gliding Centre with Maj Roger Davies. We were able to see all the gliders and learn about how they enable people to fly to France for a day! Jack said “I like the thought of being able to fly anywhere at any time and it would be a great stepping stone for the future.”

Overall we had a great time at Halton and we owe thanks to Cpl Russ Barber, Mrs Ali Prince, Maj Roger Davies and Cpl Tony Haworth. The work experience programme at RAF Halton is coordinated by Sgt John Driscoll on ext 6835.

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