Outreach Works

The Motivational Outreach Team or MOT based at RAF Halton are part of the RAF’s recruitment strategy. 

A recent outreach activity day at RAF Halton involved 15 students from East Berkshire College, who came to learn about the RAF and develop. For the 16-18 years olds, the trip formed part of their BTEC in Public Services.

Sergeant Suneil Raval from the MOT said: “This was an opportunity to bring a group of students to RAF Halton to experience the RAF first hand and to do some team building and leadership training.”

Student Sam Ashton (17) said: “We’ve learnt about the trenches and history at Halton and we talked about the different types of jobs in the RAF, but the teamwork stuff was most important. We all have to work as a team on the course because if you work by yourself you’re not going to get much done.”

Sergeant Raval said his role: “…is to bring the RAF to the public, engage with the public, show the RAF as a viable employer and good role model to the young people and therefore encourage them to join up as and when they are ready to.”

Brendan Berry the BTEC Coordinator for Uniformed Public Services at East Berkshire College: “One of our first students from when the course began 5 years ago has just passed out of basic training here at Halton.”

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