Poirot’s Farewell

Some of the final episodes of Poirot were filmed at Halton House recently. 

David Suchet will have played Poirot in 70 episodes spanning 25 years and has recently admitted that fans will be surprised to see the popular detective nearing the end of his life in the final episode.

In emotional scenes, Poirot, who has been struck down by arthritis and now sits in a wheelchair, is reunited with his old companion Captain Fraser as they head to the scene of their first ever case, Styles Court, to try and prevent a murder.

In the episode, titled ‘Curtain’, Poirot is seen getting increasingly frustrated with his disability which prevents him from acting on his investigative impulses after he reveals that Styles is harbouring another killer.

“How you see Poirot at the beginning of the film will be a shock for the audience because this is the only novel in which Agatha Christie aged Poirot,” said the 67-year-old.

Jeannie Beha, Commercial Business Manager, said: “The episode shot here, which aired in November, was the penultimate episode. They were not filmed in sequence (a fact that has already been in the Mail last weekend!) and the final one had already been completed before they came here. David Suchet was super and joined the officers in the Mess Bar for a special delayed happy hour on their last day with us. He said that he felt quite emotional about the end of his time as Poirot as he has been so heavily invested in it for the last 25 years. He was David Suchet right up to the point when the make up artist fixed his famous Poirot moustache then his voice and whole persona became Poirot.”

And speaking about saying goodbye to the character he’s played for a quarter of a century, he added: “Curtain will be a very emotional farewell to a character who has been a big part of my life and has become one of my very dearest friends.  Considering the outcome of the final film it would have been very difficult for me psychologically not to leave Poirot in this way. He is a brilliant, yet profoundly complicated character and I’ve always enjoyed playing him.”

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