Police & Sy Flt / Thames Valley Police ‘Corner’

Since our last ‘Corner’, the Police & Security Flt at Halton and Thames Valley Police (TVP) links have been well and truly bonded, and we intend to continue to expand our relationship to create a coordinated front to tackle local issues, and since the sun has come out we have all become laughing Policemen…most of the time!

Why not join us for a cup of Tea and a Biscuit or two (good ones, we all like a good dunking) at the Community Support Clinics in the Trinity Centre? Where views can be aired and questions asked/answered, by station personnel and their dependants.

Key Points
∙ Suspicious activity – In light of recent events in Woolwich, please note this extraordinary advice:

∙ Should you identify any individuals acting suspiciously around RAF Halton and SMQ’s area please inform Police & Sy Flt immediately.

∙ Remember your Personal Security when using social network sites, such as Facebook/ Twitter. Don’t divulge more personal information than necessary, and beware what you put on there!

SFA Crime Reduction
∙ There has been an increase in the theft of bicycles and bicycle parts from in/around the area of RAF Halton. To ensure that this situation does not deteriorate, it is recommended that all personnel ensure that their bicycles and any ‘quick release’ bicycle parts are adequately secured at all times.

Your home
∙ Keep doors and ground floor windows locked at all times, even when you are in the house.

∙ Don’t leave empty boxes, children’s toys or bicycles (locked or unlocked) on display outside. Unattended bicycles and children’s toys not secured in your houses or garages will be easy targets for opportunists.

∙Don’t leave car keys and handbags lying around on display.

∙ Make it look like someone is at home when you’re going out for the evening. Leave lights on, close the curtains and possibly leave a radio on with more talk than music, to make it appear like a conversation.

∙ Notify Police and Security Flight when you will be away (holiday/leave/course).

Thames Valley Alert – Community Messaging. This system allows registered members to receive alerts about crime and other related activity in the area by email. All SFA occupants are strongly encouraged to register.

Contact details –RAF Police/MPGS: 01296 656541 (95237 6514) / 01296 656211 (95237 6211)

TVP: Emergency – 999 (only if a crime is being committed/ there is risk of serious damage to property)

TVP: Non Emergency – 101 or wendoverNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk