Serco Team Building


After the motley crew of Barrack Stores, RPC, Mal, Izzy, Claire & Shell had erected the marquee, the scene was set for an afternoon of activity. Around 1pm we were divided into random teams of approx 8 people with a facilitator from Military Training Squadron running the activities for each group.

Following an initial ‘getting to know you’ type exercise that wasn’t as Julie Andrews as it sounds, the groups knew each other a little better which served them well in the next few activities. Whilst the challenges didn’t stretch anyone too far, they made sure the groups weren’t backward in coming forwards. Breaking down barriers of all types is important & days like this help in doing that. It also got people talking & whilst the task success varied, it was the journey that everyone experienced that mattered not the short term outcome.

The exercises showed how complex something simple can be & how adept people are at responding to challenges. When the tasks were scaled up to involve everyone simultaneously, the challenge increased, but it resulted in a successful outcome for all of our lost sheep! Well done shepherds. This new improved collective working was put to the test with some healthy competition against other teams in Bucket ball & Ultimate Frisbee, two unusual sports that benefited the fleet of mind as much as the fleet of foot. Those who took part seemed to really enjoy it & a few even asked for more!! The final whistle went which meant for some, the main event was due, the BBQ. With the MTS staff joining in for a burger, beer & a good laugh, everyone was busy talking to many people across Serco & it was good to see everyone having a great time! Who knows where it will go next time…



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