SSAFA present Welfare Contact Houses with Boxes of Goodies

The Soldier, Sailor and Air Force Association (SSAFA) have presented two boxes full of toys worth £500 to RAF Halton’s Welfare Contact. Houses. 

Halton has two welfare houses for use by families who are suffering problems such as a flood, electricity failure, or other event that has caused them to have to leave their married quarter for a period of time.  The houses are also available for family visits where extra bed space is required, or for contact between a parent and child who don’t naturally live together.

Wing Commander Marie-Clare Allen, Officer Commanding Support Wing, who accepted the gift on behalf of the Station Commander, thanked the SSAFA representatives in attendance, saying: “Your hard work is really appreciated and the toys are a big bonus for the Welfare Contact Houses and will be much appreciated by the children who stay in the houses.”

Julie Smith, SSAFA Chairwoman, said: “We wanted to donate funds across Halton’s community and after a talk with Tracey Glover, Halton’s Station Community Support Assistant and Shirley Cousins, Halton’s HIVE lady, we made the decision to donate these vital toy boxes, as the toys held in the houses at the moment are stored in cardboard boxes and a more robust container was needed.”

Flt Lt Eamonn Leacy, Officer Commanding Personnel Services Flight, explained that the RAF Halton Contact Welfare Houses are: “Extremely valuable and well used assets for military families. The houses can be used for a variety of welfare reasons or simply for family and friends visiting the area, providing a homely environment. The toys kindly donated by SSAFA will only go to improve the properties, affording those with young children hours of family entertainment from the wide range of toys.”

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