Station Commander’s foreword

Having now seen the Christmas lights being put up in the local towns, I now realise that my tenure as Station Commander is indeed coming to an end.  I can not quite believe that time has flown so quickly.

As I look back over the months, I have been constantly amazed at the commitment, good humour and pride in this Station from all the personnel I have met at their desks, in SHQ, Kermode Hall, on the Airfield, in the Trinity Community Centre, RTS, on the ACS Training Area, or indeed in every nook and cranny of this large estate.  This last year has been a most extraordinary time with the extra commitments the Station was required to support and were delivered so very well.  The Halton ‘One Team’ concept proved that the people we have here are some of the very best in the RAF, Civil Service or indeed civilian contracted colleagues.

James and I have felt very much part of this Station, and have enjoyed meeting so many families that make up this great community.  Halton has had a very fine past, but I am sure that it will have a very fine future too.  I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2013 and beyond.

Goodbye and thank you!

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