Station Commander’s Foreword

As we watched the world’s best athletes congregate in the Olympic Stadium for the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Games and we celebrated the achievements of Team GB, I took the time to reflect on the remarkable performance of Team Halton over what has been an exceptionally busy summer. 

Let’s not forget in the midst of Olympic fever that RAF Halton has played its part in all the major national celebrations in this wonderful year of Great Britain.  Our hosting and support of the RAF contingent of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee provided us a suitable opportunity to ‘warm up’ for the season’s main event, in which RAF Halton provided a temporary training school and home for the hundreds of servicemen called to support the national Olympic effort.  What I am particularly proud of is the true team ethos that I have seen.  Whether civil servant, contractor or blue suit all of us pulled together to make sure that we provided our very best.  This is even more impressive given that there was no let up for our normal business as our training schools continued apace.  The community support team delivered an excellent programme of summer events for our families and I have been genuinely humbled by some of the personal and collective efforts to raise money for charity.

As we approach the line at the end of what has been more of a marathon than a sprint, I want to say thank you, to you all, for delivering your very best when the pressure was on.  As Station Commander I could not ask for more.