Super Search Spaniel

Cat food. I love cat food. Sorry I’m jumping ahead…

My name is Beau and I am a Lowland Rescue Search Dog. I’m 5 years old and belong to Ali and Gaz (affectionately known as ‘my hoomans’). They are both in the Royal Air Force but also volunteer with Search Dogs Buckinghamshire. I am their pet English Springer Spaniel and we have all been part of the team since 2013.

Search Dogs Buckinghamshire is a completely volunteer unit that is part of Lowland Rescue. They have teams across the country and assist local Police Forces to locate high risk vulnerable missing people. Apparently there were over 1500 high risk missing people last year in Buckinghamshire alone so we are kept busy with 40-50 call outs each year. We are on call 24/7 so sometimes I do get my beauty sleep interrupted but it’s all for a worthwhile cause.

As a Search Dog, I use my nose to find the missing people. My nose is 250 times more sensitive than a ‘hooman’ nose so I can help find people in thick woods or undergrowth. I’m trained by my dad every week and it’s taken us 2 years to become fully trained and operational. I am one of only 14 Level 3 Search Dogs in the whole of Lowland Rescue. It means that I can search an area of 50 acres in under 90 mins. Admittedly it’s easier for me than the ‘hoomans’ as I have twice the number of legs they do, plus being a Spaniel, I have endless amounts of energy! Since qualifying I’ve found 2 missing people; apparently, they wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t been on the scene! My ‘hoomans’ think that this is kind of a big deal but I just do it to get my reward which brings me back to my original point – cat food! All of my Search Dog friends do it for the ‘reward’ – the thing we really want after we have ‘made the find’. Some prefer toys and some prefer food but it’s got to be something completely amazing. In my case, my ‘kryptonite’ is cat food.

My other guilty pleasures include being out in the Lake District running around on the fells and falling asleep on the sofa. Even when I’m not working I’m still pretty busy as I now have a little brother. My new ‘padawan learner’ is Finn. He’s only 9 weeks old but we all hope that one day he’ll become a Search Dog too.
Like everyone, there are things in life that I ‘tolerate’ and some things that I just don’t care for. I tolerate a bath but cannot stand the other 2 furry friends in my house… My mum’s cats!

In this digital age, my exploits have found me some fame across the pond and I am the face of the Motorola Wave App in the USA. In October, I was involved in filming with a production team from Motorola’s PR department doing my thing (my ‘hoomans’ came along to keep me company).
They gave me many gravy bones! Of course, it’s important to me that I keep up with my ‘fans’ so
if you’d like to follow my exploits, my video with Motorola can be found on YouTube – just search Lowland Rescue and Motorola.
I also have my own Facebook page – ‘Beau Spaniel’ and I will soon be on Twitter and Instagram.

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