World Scout Jamboree selection comes to Halton

The Vale of Aylesbury Scout District has been allocated four places at the 2014 World Scout Jamboree.

In preparation for the Jamboree, RAF Halton was asked to assist in the selection of Scouts from the local area to participate. The mission was to assess the Scouts’ suitability for the event using the Recruit Training Squadron’s low ropes and various team building exercises. Flt Lt Kev Scrafton, Sgt Harden and Cpl May Harvey assessed communication, confidence and leadership.

The final selection of four scouts was made by the District Scouting Commissioner, Dave Tichener, based on RAF Halton’s recommendation.

Dave Tichener said: “Recruit Training Squadron (RTS) ran a selection camp on some of their outdoor low ropes and other exercises in the area. The three Halton instructors did an excellent job assessing the 11 young people who came forward for selection. The young people had a wonderful experience.

The exercises were looking for teamwork, dedication to the task, problem solving and empathy. RTS are highly skilled in assessing the young people joining the RAF and did a superb job as well as giving the scouting young people a great  opportunity to take part in a range of different challenging exercises in an environment that was outside their comfort zone. The youngsters were split into two teams by age and in the afternoon each one was interviewed by two Group Scout leaders, both of whom had been to the previous World Jamboree.

I talked to the young people during and after the event and they all said that they found the outdoor exercises challenging but good fun. Many found the interview quite daunting before they went in but much happier afterwards, I think it was relief that it was over”.

All the candidates worked very hard and put 100% into the selection process. During the first exercise they worked more as individuals but as the morning progressed quickly gelled into their teams and helped each other and on joint exercises helped the other teams as well. Everyone was impressed by their commitment to the tasks”.

Using the results from both these exercises four young people were selected.

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