ACS Omani visit

The Airman’s Command Squadron recently hosted a visit from the Royal Air Force of Oman as part of a fact finding mission to understand good practice in the teaching of Leadership and Management. The Principal of the Omani Air Force Technical College (AFTC) Aqeed (Gp Capt) Belrab bin Khalaf Al Battashi and his Assistant Principal Muqaddam (Wg Cdr) Mohammed Aziz Mohammed Al Syabi spent two days at the mercy of ACS’ Training Development team who introduced them to a wide range of techniques and activities.

From the basics of conquering the world with pine poles to investigating the chimp paradox, the visitors experienced all three course levels run by ACS. Each level challenged and stimulated development of a host of personal qualities and skills including leadership, self-understanding, team dynamics, personality, communication skills, team management, initiative, lateral thinking and problem solving. A particular favourite was the use of the ARTEMIS programme; an online game that simulates leadership functions set on board a space ship (think ‘Star Trek’ and you won’t be far off). Despite the language barriers effective communication was achieved through shouting and wild gesticulations; resulting in an aggressive defence against alien attack.

The visit also took place during a period of filming at HHOM which led to an incident involving an unscheduled walk on role in a movie scene and a meeting with an A-list Hollywood celebrity!

Aqeed (Gp Capt) Belrab bin Khalaf Al Battashi said of the visit;

“This was an excellent visit and introduced us to a very different approach to developing leadership styles that will be most useful in Oman. It was energetic, fun and mentally challenging and I would like to thank everyone at ACS for their support. I have also always wanted to be part of a movie!”