Airplay Summer 2012

With the busiest year ever, for Service Personnel, particularly with manning the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and Op OLYMPICS, as a Community Development Officer, I felt that this year’s summer of 2012 Airplay activities were of great importance to service personnel and their families.

Six weeks of activities were therefore, organised with volunteers from Service personnel, Serco staff, Service wives, Bucks County Council and the Airplay team here at RAF Halton. The programme included everything from high ropes to low ropes, gymnastics, swimming (inflatables), Mini Rock Apes, map reading, play in a day, Music & craft, Rogue Racing, badminton, golf, hula hooping, Thorpe Park, quad biking, cinema, bowling, Gulliver’s World, National Play Day. Over 500 places were individually booked on to all these activities and our many thanks go out to all our sponsors, RAF Halton, Serco, Bucks County Council and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Some of the comments from the young people and staff participating showed how well the events were received – “Brilliant!” – IFPT Mini Rock apes organised by Cpl Miller, Cpl Downing, and Sgt Smart. The lesson plans created by Cpl Miller and Cpl Downing gave the young people action packed events; learning camouflage and concealment techniques meant that getting lost in the woods was easy, competition on the assault course brought out the natural leaders. The young people involved seemed to be hanging on every word that was said as the three IFPT staff took on the challenge of becoming role models for the day.

Several screams from a young person who was being challenged by the high ropes and from another young person who said, “I have never tried that before – We really enjoyed it“(staff) – High Ropes organised by Mal Goodes Serco/ and many volunteer Service Personnel who took part.

“My song lyrics were the best! Awesome! Look what I did!” – music & crafts,  organised by Airplay.

“Yeh, we got hit the target seven times, I had a really good day and I got to keep all these coloured golf balls!” – Golf, organised by WO Stu Carnie, Chf Tech  Andy Gardner, FS Wayne Edwards

“My two were really happy we spent four hours at the National Play Day event, great stuff! Really impressed with the variety, happy with the organisation!” – organised by Joe Robinson BCC, Ros Allen Toddler group, the A team ….. Sgt Stewardson, Sgt Edwards, WO Grimshaw, Nick Coyne & staff , Padre Gilbert, Policing FS Allman, PC Sam Bradley, Motivational Outreach Team Flt Lt Claesens, Parish Councillor & Brownie Leader  Mr & Mrs Thompson, Carl Barrett & team, Airplay.

“I wish we could have done this for the whole day” – map reading organised by Lt Cl Simpson.

“Oh do we have to finish now!” – badminton organised by LCpl Ken Li

If we look at community development principles we can see that the programme of activities shows us the reality of what it means to be part of the RAF family – a well connected community supporting young people’s friendships, building on shared values, and creating opportunities for reflection and learning.

If you know of a young person who would like to join in with an Airplay event here at RAF Halton then please speak to any of  the Airplay Team (Katy, Jackie, Shoshana, Sally ) or myself on 01296 656355. Wilma Kingsbury – Community Development Officer.

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