Christmas Message

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. Parties, food, drink, time away from the daily routine, time with families, trees, decorations, and presents.

This year I spotted my first Christmas display in the supermarket back in August, and even as I write in early November, Christmas adverts are appearing on the TV, and the shops are full of their Christmas stock. It seems to me that there is ever increasing pressure for Christmas Day and the days surrounding it to be the best, the most fun, and certainly the most expensive days of the year. Whilst admitting to being a lover of all things Christmas, I would have to say that I wonder how achievable the standards being set really are. Can we enforce family peace, harmony, enjoyment and fulfilment simply by spending money, and eating too much?

Preparing for Christmas is half the fun, but perhaps the pressure to buy the perfect present, or bake the perfect cake can take the edge off that fun. The first Christmas Eve saw a baby born a King, yet with nothing, to parents who had virtually nothing, celebrated by both shepherds, who lived in the margins of their society, and Wise Men, who had both education and wealth. So just as that baby, Jesus, God’s gift to humankind, is for everybody regardless of wealth, status, or position, so Christmas is for everyone, regardless of whether our tree is perfect, or we can afford the ‘must have’ present for our children. I am thoroughly looking forward to carols, trees, presents, mulled wine, and a few parties, but I’m also looking forward to celebrating God’s gift of great joy for all humankind, and that’s hard to put a price on. A very Happy Christmas to you all. Ruth Hake, Station Chaplain.


St Georges Church Station Carol Service

5th Dec 12, 17:00hrs


Midnight Mass

24th Dec 12, 23:30hrs


Christmas Family Communion

25th Dec 12, 10:30hrs


Church of the Holy Family 

Christmas Mass

24th Dec 12, 18:00hrs

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