Creature Comforts

Local farmer, Liam Moore, visited the Rainbows and Rattles toddler group this week bringing along his menagerie of animals. He bought along cows, sheep, ducks, chickens and a pot bellied pig, which spent the morning burrowing into the turf in the garden of the Trinity Community Centre where the nursery group meet.

Liam, who farms at Stoke Mandeville, started the ‘Creature Curriculum mini farm’ two years ago when his grown up children bought their friends home and commented on how they loved coming to his house whilst growing up to see the animals. Liam realised how the animals had affected their growing years and decided to take the farm to the children.  Over the last two years the business has gone from strength to strength and as well as school visits, Liam will entertain at birthday parties. He gains the children’s interest by telling them fascinating facts about the animals and encouraging them to feed and interact with the animals, allowing them to experience first hand the principles of farming.

Liam said: “It’s a shame, but very true that a lot of children don’t get to see animals close up, and one little boy asked me if they were real, such is their dependence nowadays on computer games to see animals.”

Roz Allen, Rainbows and Rattles group leader, said: “We heard about Creature Curriculum through the Barnados centre in Wendover who had hired him.  Over the last two weeks we have taught the children about tractors and harvest time so this was a natural thing to do. Liam is very hands-on, explaining how the animals feed and live.”

Young Toby Michel, aged 2, enjoyed feeding the ducks, his mum, Laura, said: “This is lovely; it’s so nice for the children to see the animals up close. Toby was in his element, feeding and petting the chickens and ducks.”

For more information Creature Curriculum’s website is  or phone 07525297938

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