Deployed families’ garden party

It was a beautiful sunny July afternoon when some of the families of our deployed personnel got together with the Station Commander and the Station Community Support staff at Halton House Officers’ Mess for a Garden Party.

Once everybody managed to get a well needed cold drink in the bar, BFBS were on hand to record audio messages that will be played to loved ones in theatre. With the messages having been recorded and some photos taken everyone made their way to the dining room for a lovely buffet lunch, expertly prepared by the chef and his kitchen staff. All the children, and quite a few of the adults, enjoyed tucking in to huge bowls of ice cream, smothered in sprinkles and marshmallows.

With everyone well fed it was back to the bar where all were entertained by Deano the Magician who enthralled the children with his amazing magic show. All the children had the opportunity to help Deano out during the show, which included an appearance from a gold fish in a glass of mess tap water and the classic white rabbit.

Once the children allowed Deano to finish and the sun had cooled down a bit it was out to the terrace where the guests sat in the late afternoon sun with a drink and entertainment provided by PO Jack Lemmon (Finlay Gym), his band mate and their guitars. They played a fantastic medley of songs from current favourites to Beatles classics.

Mr and Mrs Chisholm, whose daughter Flt Lt Mel Chisholm is currently overseas, said afterwards,

“We certainly appreciated the party, and judging by the happy faces, we are sure everybody else did also. The children were magnificent, a real tribute to their parents for whom life is especially tough at the moment.”

The music brought the planned activities for the day to a close but there were still a few hours of sunshine left on the terrace for those children and parents with the energy to stay awake, however, I suspect there were a few early nights to be had after the day’s excitement.

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