Divisional Rugby


Divisional rugby was a concept introduced three years ago to identify potential players for the Senior 15’s team that were being missed through Stn and RAF Cup rugby.

With the demise of Command Rugby a gap developed between representative rugby for the Senior 15 and Stn rugby. Over the past 3 years, nine players were capped as a result of divisional Rugby showing that the concept is indeed working as envisaged.

The teams are known as the Stags, Wolves, Sharks and Eagles, essentially representing North, South, East and West of the UK. The tournament sees all the teams playing each other to determine those that will compete in the final. This year Eagles took the title 25-21 against the Sharks. Sgt Dave Eastgate, SNCO SATT Development Flight at RAF Halton is a coach for the Sharks. He said: “It was a hard fought match which could have gone either way and at the end of the day the better team walked away with the points.”

Wing Commander O’Shea, OIC Community and Station Rugby said: “Halton is the Home for Sport for RAF Rugby and the whole set up here works well for our purposes. We are able to host our sponsors at this event who include BAE Systems and Rhino. The sport is a team discipline requiring courage, communication and leadership all of which are skills that are immediately transferable to life on Operations.”

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