Education, Education, Education

It might have been political rhetoric used by Tony Blair back in the nineties but he had a point. Education is important, but how many of us truly live a mantra of self improvement throughout our lives?

RAF Halton has a Personal Learning Advisor (PLA) who aims to support personnel to develop themselves educationally. Part of the PLAs role is to promote Standard Learning Credits (SLCs) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) and administer them for service personnel. Individuals can access £175 per year for recognised courses using SLCs or £1000-6000 through the ELC scheme. The PLA can give advice on courses offered by local providers as well as process applications for the University Short Course Programme. Adult Learners week is a key feature in addition to open days and visits for personnel from organisations like the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM), teacher training providers and the free apprenticeships scheme where MoD civil servants, Serco and ESS staff can access L2 and L3 NVQs. Recent courses organised by the PLA include the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), Prince 2 and APMP. Furthermore the PLA helps to co-ordinate access to re-settlement for service leavers. For anyone that wants to learn more call Thorsten Klostermann on 01296 656231.


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