Ex Concorde Pilot flies in to join Museum Team

Ex Concorde Pilot, Gwyn Williams, has joined the Trenchard Museum Team at RAF Halton.

After a diverse career, and having worked on various flight simulators, Gwyn will now be instructing Recruits and Cadets visiting the Station on the Flight Simulator in Groves Air Power Building at Halton.

Gwyn joined the Royal Air Force in January 1963, and after basic training at the RAF College Cranwell he completed flying training on the Gnat at RAF Valley. Soon after he moved to Aden flying Hunters for 43 Squadron, known as the’ Fighting Cocks’. He then left Aden to go to the Persian Gulf with 8 Squadron.

After these flying tours he trained as an instructor at the Central Flying School and instructed for three years on the Gnat back at Valley. Later, after an exchange tour with the Canadian Air Force flying the Voodoo CF101, he joined the Central Flying School at Little Rissington as OC Advanced (Gnat ) Sqn. His final posting was to the Ministry of Defence with the Inspectorate of Flight Safety.

Upon leaving the RAF in June 1981 Gwyn joined the Civil Aviation Authority, where he worked as an instructor, examiner and inspector and flew a variety of aircraft including Boeing 757’s and 777’s, before piloting Concorde during its last 10 years in service.

Gwyn lives in Tring and has two children and two grandchildren.

Gwyn said: “I have enjoyed a full and varied forty year flying career, 20 years with the RAF and 20 in civil aviation and certainly one of the highlights of my career was piloting Concorde from New York to London for my last commercial flight which just happened to be on my 60th birthday. It was an incredible aircraft to fly and also a great privilege but now I’m looking forward to helping out at the museum and instructing cadets and recruits on the simulator.

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