Halton houses upgraded

The Married Quarters at RAF Halton are coming to the end of a three-year upgrade programme making living for Service families more comfortable and ensuring a good standard across the board.

The refurbishments were managed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) who are responsible the management of around 50,000 properties for the MOD. Part of this management is a comprehensive upgrade programme that has taken centre stage following the Chancellor’s announcement that as part of the Armed Forces Covenant £100 million would be invested in Service accommodation.

RAF Halton has a wide variety of SFA spread across 6 sites all of which have undergone a level of refurbishment over the last 3 years. Haddington, Highmoors and Bedgrove have all had a complete refurbishment, Rosemead and Perch Meadow have benefitted from brand new contemporary play-parks and Tedder Road houses underwent condensation remediation to reduce damp and mould. All houses across the site have had loft insulation installed to increase energy efficiency.

Sgt John Driscoll, who lives in one of the newly refurbished houses at Bedgrove, said: “overall the refurbishment has been very good, my wife, Gillian, and I were very happy with it, specially the power shower.”

The completion of works to the Bedgrove Estate will mark the end of the current improvement phase for RAF Halton which has seen over £10.5 million invested in the estates.

Mr Bryan Hardingham, Housing Manager for DIO said: “The Covenant stipulates that housing must be to a required level. Whilst this might mean a small alteration to one house on one street at the other end of the scale a full refurbishment may be required. There is a lot of work underway to bring all MoD houses up to the required standard. That said, most of the work at RAF Halton was due to take place prior to the covenant announcement about housing and a great deal has been achieved with all but one house achieving the prescribed standard.”

The Station Commander, Group Captain Simon Harper said: “A huge amount of work has been undertaken at RAF Halton in recent years to bring Service accommodation to, at the very minimum, an acceptable level, and in most cases a very good standard of accommodation. Whilst some of the work has been minor, in other cases, houses have been completely gutted and effectively re-built. RAF Halton has received the most funding within the High Wycombe sub-area in recent years and the effect of this is being positively felt by the Service Families of RAF Halton.”

The improvements to housing at RAF Halton are an example in practice of the coalitions

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