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Community Development Officer The Power of Positive Parenting. As a fortnightly Royal Air Force News hits my desk I am intrigued to find an article from ‘Clare MacNaughton’  ‘A Modern Military Mother’ who describes how her 3 and 8 year old infuriatingly squabble amongst themselves. The great battle of the siblings continues daily with ‘get out of my bedroom, ‘don’t touch my stuff’, ‘get off my scooter,’ ‘why were you ever born?’ Clare said that, despite the sanctions of putting the offending child on the naughty step or switching the TV off for a week, ‘what she was learning was to not engage at all wherever possible’ as she said ‘she can’t resolve the un-resolvable’!

Here at RAF Halton I am bombarded from parents of teens who describe the same whereby the wishes of parents and teens are often widely different. As the Community Development Officer, I am right on top of this and for eight weeks I am working in tandem with the Buckinghamshire Parenting Support Team to deliver free yes that’s right ‘Free Parenting Courses’ for parents of 11- 15 year olds. The Positive Parenting Programme aims to make parenting easier. There are no right ways to bring up a child or teenager but the challenge is to bring up independent well adjusted young adults. The course started at the end of February however, all going well, this may become a regular course.

There has also been discussions to explore the possibility of rolling the programme out to parents with younger children so to express your interest in joining a positive parenting programme in the future please do let me (the Community Development Officer) know that you are interested  on 01296 656355.

Rainbows and Rattles is a term time toddler group run by parents/carers for parents/carers. While the adults enjoy a Costa Coffee, the children make the most of the fantastic soft play area. Monday morning sessions are followed by music and story time, whilst on a Wednesday afternoon there are various craft activities. As a special treat, on Monday 27th February, the group enjoyed a Jelly Babies music and movement taster session. At the beginning of March the children celebrated World Book Day by bringing in their favourite books and dressing up. The term will conclude with a Hartbeeps music session and to prepare the children for Easter an egg hunt. As one mum says “it is such a lovely group, it allows the parents to relax while the children have a great time, but also includes activities that both child and parent can join in with together.” If you’d like more information regarding Rainbows & Rattles please contact Ros on 625937.

RAF Halton Station Recall Day aims to bring together all Non-Formed Unit (NFU) personnel who have recently returned from deployment to offer support to them and their families. Attendance at the Recall Day is mandatory, with no exception and all NFU personnel are to participate in a Recall Day immediately after returning to regular duties. The Recall events are held on Wednesday mornings, in the TCC and finishing around lunch time. Personnel nominated will be notified by the OOA Clerk.

Transformation of Allocation Services Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) Ops Accommodation has created Housing Allocations Service Centres (HASC’s), to replace the Housing Information Centres (HIC’s). Customers with enquires about allocations should continue to ring the same telephone number (0800 169 6322) and select the relevant Option for the location. Personnel who wish to apply for Service Family Accommodation are expected to use the electronic application form (e-1132) which can be found on the defence internet. The system is quicker, more efficient and allows you to track your application.

Licence to Occupy insurance Some questions have arisen about what Licence to Occupy (L2O) insurance is for and why it has been promoted recently. First of all, L2O insurance should not be confused with buildings or contents insurance, nor does it cover you for the cost of barrack damages at Move Out. In fact, L2O insurance covers you for the first £20,000 of your potential liability incurred as the result of damage to your Service Family Accommodation caused by your neglect or actions. For example, if you destroyed your SFA by leaving a chip pan on or if your SFA was badly damaged by flooding because you switched your heating off whilst you were away in winter. Second, L2O has been promoted recently because many occupants were unaware of this potential liability. This is not a new requirement or a new charge, rather the MOD has limited your liability to £20,000, and is now strongly recommending that you consider taking out insurance up to this amount. Finally, some customers report that they don’t know where to arrange insurance, as standard insurance providers are unable to help. To arrange L2O insurance go to, which provides details of specialist insurers. However, if you have kit insurance with one of these insurers it is worth phoning them to check if you are already covered by your existing policy.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) CLINICS. Are you accommodated in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) at RAF Halton? Do you have any concerns or questions regarding housing? If so, DIO and Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) regularly hold Housing Clinics in the Trinity Community Centre to advise or assist with any issue you may have. Future clinics will be held on the 12th April, 24th May and 5th July. All clinics are held between 12.00-2.00pm.

For further information on any of these matters, contact FS J Leonard, SCSO on Ext6122.

Trinity Community Centre. Any users of the Trinity Community Centre will not have failed to notice our much anticipated new Car Park. This new car park now gives us the increased capacity of 26 car parking spaces, 3 Disabled spaces and an area for motorcycles. This will really enhance the overall experience of all the users of the Trinity Community Centre and Cherry Tree Nursery.

We have introduced a ‘Signing in System’ for the Trinity Tropics Play Area. We ask that everyone signs in, and signs in any civilian guests they bring. This is so that, in the event of an emergency, the emergency services know exactly who is in the building.

The Trinity Community Centre continues to be a hugely popular venue for families to spend some time together. Groups such as Rainbows and Rattles, our parent and toddler group and Youth Club are thriving, as are our other groups and clubs such as Bodytone and St Johns Ambulance. The Lower Hall is also used for meetings, such as the Triple P Parenting Course that is currently running. For any further information regarding the Trinity Community Centre please contact Shirley Cousins in the HIVE on 01296 656507 or Tracy Glover, the Station Community Support Clerk on 01296 656396.