Injured personnel take a dip in MS Centre pool

Group Captain Simon Harper has signed an agreement with the Multiple Sclerosis Centre, located near the Station, which will allow the Station’s injured recruits to make use of their hydrotherapy pool whilst being treated at the Station’s Primary Care and Rehabilitation Facility (PCRF).

Hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy) provides a warm, relaxed atmosphere for treating chronic and acute conditions.  Exercising in heated water provides unique support and resistance allowing physiotherapists to target specific areas of the body effectively.

Water is helpful because it supports bodyweight which helps to stabilise someone with balance problems. Weakened muscles can operate in this environment and will strengthen from the resistance.

As swimming involves many muscles in your body, it can help to increase co-ordination. The buoyancy of the water enables movement to be either assisted or resisted and allows for more fluid movements.

Group Captain Harper met with Mrs Jo Woolf, Chief Executive Officer of the Centre, who gave him a tour and explained about the illness and its treatment.

Also visiting was Flight Lieutenant Fiona Dowdeswell, Officer Commanding PCRF, who said: “My department will be leading the visits here, bringing the trainees to use the pool for treatment.

We intend to use it for two hours on a Wednesday to start with. This kind of treatment has many additional therapy benefits.”

Chris Beach, Head Physiotherapist and Clinical Director, who joined the Centre recently after leaving the RAF, said: “This is a marvellous opportunity to help RAF Halton and further strengthens our ties with the Station. They have been so supportive of us in the past so this is the ideal way to help them.”

Group Captain Harper said: “This agreement underlines the wider community cohesion and reinforces our strong relationship with the MS Centre. These are state of the art facilities to improve fitness of our recruits and speed up recovery.”