Leadership Day

The Airman’s Command Squadron recently ran a one day leadership consolidation exercise to trial the new leadership programme that they have been developing.

Twenty five lucky personnel from Aircraftsmen to Lance Corporals were given the opportunity to try out their leadership skills in a brand new leadership challenge that will be rolled out to newly promoted Non-Commissioned Officers of the Royal Air Force from 2013.

The new leadership exercise is intended to ensure personnel are tested in a more physically robust setting. The challenges are more complex and allow personnel to use their planning skills to make sure they consider the time and distance needs of the scenarios across the whole of the training area. This coupled with the improved scenario makes the exercise more credible and allows personnel to show interaction between each other and their leadership potential.

On the trial day, the weather was foggy and murky which added ambience to the setting. The budding leaders were briefed about a possible terrorist attack that would involve the Prime Minister. The aim of the exercise was to protect him at all costs, but as the situation unfolded, events occurred that meant each team had to delegate and solve problems thus making them work together.

Numerous complications, twists and problems were introduced to the delegates and they were expected to take charge of their groups and resolve these issues to support the main effort. Standard military tasks and some less orthodox tasks needed to be carried out by the groups under specific time limits, so having to think fast and communicate effectively were the key to succeeding.

The day went well for those participating as all leads were completed and feedback and coaching was given to all delegates to develop them further. There was a noticeable improvement in the leadership performances and confidence as the day progressed. The initial feeling from the ACS instructional staff that participated and observed the exercise was that the scenario and leads work. The training serials will be ready to run live on the Intermediate Management and Leadership Course from January 2013 and the log of lessons identified that were captured during the exercise will be reviewed to fine tune the exercise before its formal run live date.

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