learning leadership

The practice of good Leadership is at the forefront of teaching at Airmen’s Command Squadron (ACS).

Influence and Innovation drive the ACS working culture and ethos to ensure that the learning potential of all students is optimised during the vitally important training that the Sqn provides. This is achieved through structured learning techniques and realistic, testing Command Leadership Tasks (CLT).

The CLT have recently undergone dramatic redesign by the ACS planning staffs to bring greater realism and challenge to the learning environment. The initial feedback received from the sergeants that have experienced the Exercise PRIME TARGET scenario has been excellent with a common theme of feedback being that the training has provided both the hardest and best day of the individual’s Service careers.

A surplus Jet Provost aircraft was sourced from RAF Cosford and placed within the ACS training area, combined with 40 new and challenging leads to ensure that those completing the Intermediate Management Leadership Course are best prepared to both lead and follow effectively in complex and dynamic situations. This very much mirrors the requirement for RAF NCOs to exercise an agile, adaptable and capable mindset to respond instinctively to the challenges of the future.

For further information on Management Leadership Courses contact Flt Lt Copson, OC MLF on Tel: 95237 6294.

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