Life Savers


Members of RAF Halton’s First Response Team saved a life when called to assist a man having a heart attack.

Flight Lieutenant Andy Davidson and Sergeant Jon Bliss responded to the call in Chesham and immediately diagnosed the problem as a heart issue. They sprang immediately into action and performed two rounds of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillated the patient. An ambulance arrived shortly after and the paramedics took over compressions. After one more round of CPR, the patient was breathing again and the Halton crew were able to help the ambulance crew in moving him and taking his wife to hospital.

The patient had suffered an anterior myocardiac infarction (heart-attack), a life threatening condition which could have turned out very differently if the first responders had not been able to provide such a fast and high quality professional medical care.

Mr Dave Baker, a student paramedic from Stoke Mandeville said: “I feel without the quick recognition of the pre arrest patient, and effective CPR the outcome would have been very different for the patient. The RAF guys did a fantastic job. They remained calm and professional throughout. I know personally on the road it is rare when praise is given and feel this is an occasion to give it.”

Amanda Cundy, Training and Liaison Officer responsible for the RAF Co-Responder Groups in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, said: “I would like to add my own congratulations to the Crew, both of whom I have had the pleasure in training and working with on the scheme for some time now. This incident demonstrates the importance of early intervention and is a classic example of how a positive outcome is achievable given this early arrival at the patient’s side. The team have also received a communication from our Medical Director, Dr John Black, congratulating them on their success.”

Sqt Jon Bliss said: “We are trained to be open-minded and respond to what we see. The patient in question had lost sensation in his left arm and was experiencing chest pain. Within minutes of us arriving he went rapidly down hill and into full cardiac arrest so we treated him as per our training. It was a good outcome.”

The Station Commander of RAF Halton, Group Captain Chris Elliot, added her praise amongst the many messages flooding in. She said: “The volunteers who commit to the First Responders scheme do so with extreme professionalism and pride. Their role is an important one in the local community, and as we saw from this incident, a life saving one. I have seen some of our volunteers work at first hand and I have been impressed”.

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