lister lines up and running

The WW1 Trench System, Lister Lines is well on the way to being ready for visitors again after a subsidence last year. The trenches lay unused for a number of months until RAF Halton personnel got back to work re-digging, maintaining and shoring them up again.

Construction of the original trenches commenced 1914, and they fell into disuse at the cessation of hostilities in 1918. Though not forgotten, the trenches were left unused and eventually nature reclaimed them. In 2009 a section was restored to their original condition, by an enthusiastic band of volunteers supported by Servicemen Awaiting Trade Training (SATTs). During the years 2009 to 2016 they were popular for visits from schools, colleges, historical groups, re-enactors and more and were well used with knowledgeable trench tour guides from
the Station.

Earlier this year saw the trenches requiring extensive care and maintenance to ensure their safety again and so a small group of volunteers commenced a programme of restoration and replacement, to enable the trench system to re-open to the public.

Recently over a number of hours each day a lot of hard work has gone into them and they have been transformed back to one of the finest examples of trenches in the country, mostly overseen by Warrant Officer Gary Edwards from the Station.

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