Motor Club Jacked Up by Nuffield Trust

The RAF Halton Motor Club was recently successful in its bid for a Nuffield Trust grant and it gratefully received £4830.  

Set up nearly 30 years ago, the Halton Motor Club is a place for its petrol-head members to indulge in their cars; be that servicing, improvements or just socialising with likeminded people. Over the years, the equipment has in some cases become unserviceable and, as technology progressed, out-dated. Having heard about the Nuffield Trust Officer in Charge of the club, Flight Lieutenant Tony Roe decided to apply for a minor grant.

Tony said: “We wanted to replace old and tired tools as well as bring new tools to enhance the membership’s ability to keep up with modern motoring innovations. The cost of motoring, especially maintenance and repair continues to escalate as does the complexity of the tasks, often resulting in the need for expensive diagnostics and trips to the main dealer.”

The Nuffield Trust was founded by the late Lord Nuffield in 1939 shortly after the Conscription Act had been passed. Moved by the universal willingness of the men and women accepting the Act, Lord Nuffield decided to make life more comfortable and agreeable for them by setting aside a large sum to create the Trust for the Forces of the Crown.

Giving the highest priority to supporting those deployed in an emergency to areas of conflict or disaster, the trust also aims to support applications that will benefit a large number of serving personnel and dependants as well as often much needed support for smaller sports associations. It is this latter premise on which the RAF Halton Motor club gained its minor grant.

Tony said: “The tools that we have been able to buy as a result of the grant mean that members remain able to complete basic and slightly more advanced maintenance and repair tasks.  The grant has also freed club funds to purchase more technologically advanced items such as code readers and hopefully modern diagnostic software.  That means that members may in the near future be able to link their car to their laptop and receive live data and in some applications re-code and/or remap their ECUs making their vehicles more fuel efficient.”

The Club has a small but enthusiastic membership and are always keen to welcome new enthusiasts; service, civilian and contractor from either RAF Halton or High Wycombe. Although in the midst of self-help improvement, the heated facilities include a short term bay with two ramps for all round repair and servicing and a Long Term Bay for extensive projects and storage (for which there is a small daily charge) – ideal if a member departs on Operational Deployments.  Members can also dispose of waste oils and lubricants professionally through the club.

If you are interested and want more information please contact Flight Lieutenant Tony Roe on 01296 657126.

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