Radio Check-over

On the top floor of the Learning Centre at RAF Halton, the Air Training Corps are situated with their new Radio Activity Centre.

On a recent weekend, as the sun rose on a warm morning over RAF Halton, more new recruits made their way onto the drill square for a morning of fun. The Air Cadets ventured to the Learning Centre to begin their weekend radio course, learning everything from basic radio procedure, to erecting an aerial mast. The 12 cadets began with a brief refresher course to get their brains working, before enjoying a well earned lunch and then heading off into Wendover woods to test their skills. The Air cadets were instructed to go out and find numerous points of interests and radio in once there. While tackling the difficult terrain, the “Charlie’s” were required to keep up radio communication with the base station which sometimes meant trekking back the way they came just to get a strong enough signal. Then, it was back down onto base for table top map exercises, the only major hurdle being the ability to pronounce Welsh place names!

Over a period of several weekends, the cadets will achieve their Radio Communicator badge. Having studied several modules covering:- Data Communications, Advanced Radio & RADAR, Satellite Communications, Practical Exercises and HF, VHF and UHF Operator certificates. Flt Sgt Rob Pankhurst 2317 (Harlow) Sqn.

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