RAF Halton has recently become a regional testing centre for the RAF Regiment Annual Fitness Test (RAFT). Using the Nuffield sports pitches, the first test was run on the 16th December 2020, lead by Sgt Blyth, Cpl Dowling and Cpl Lyne, with nine IFPT Corporals taking part. The test itself consists of four elements, each with multiple stages, taking around 2 hours to complete in total. The first two phases were paced by our two PTI Cpls, each carrying the same weight as the test participants.

They begin with a 4km Patrol Action, (more commonly known as a Tactical Advance to Battle or, ‘TAB’), each carrying a load of 40kg, as a squad in a time of 50 minutes. Following that, the weight is dropped to 25 kg and a 2km TAB is to be completed, as an individual best effort, in under 16 minutes. After a five-minute rest, the next element simulates reaction to effective enemy fire (REEF) over 150m, requiring participants to run the course, adopting the prone position every 7.5m, in time to a beep, while wearing Combat Body Armour (CBA) helmet, webbing and carrying a rifle, totalling a combined weight of 20.5 kg, leading into a 30m leopard crawl and sprint for time. The final two elements simulate casualty extraction and evacuation, with a 110kg bag drag over 20m and 2 x 22kg jerry cans over 200m.

RAF Halton will continue to conduct multiple RAFTs every year, available for all local regiment personnel outside of RAF Halton as well as our own IFPT section, helping the RAF Regiment to fulfil their Physical Employment Standard (PES) requirements.