I decided to write and direct a short COVID friendly pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, performed by the Regional Medical Centre staff. Sadly, due to the ongoing pandemic we could only invite our staff with the social distancing procedures in place.

Pantomimes are embedded in British culture and are considered a must for many British families.
We gathered to spread some seasonal sparkle. Our Ethan was wonderful as Snow White, exiled by the well-played evil stepmother, Rick Hannah, and rescued by our seven dwarfs who did themselves proud portraying their characters.

Snow White finally got her Prince, played by Carol, who was very convincing with a wonderful hobby horse and great sound effects. Georgina inspired us as The Mirror, while Michaela made us proud managing to collect a substantial amount of money for SSAFA. A huge well done and thank-you to everyone involved, especially Andy, who amalgamated all the songs for us; the event was a great success and boosted morale.