Rolls Royce Visit

Mr Ian Craighead, The Head of Corporate Heritage at Rolls-Royce, the benefactors of the Trenchard Museum at RAF Halton, spent the day with Mr Francis Hanford, the curator of the museum visiting the museum and other sites of historical interest at RAF Halton.

Opened in 1999, the Trenchard Museum aims to preserve and display items that relate to the history of RAF Halton. The namesake of the museum was not only the founder of the RAF but also the Aircraft Apprentice Scheme with which the name of Halton has become synonymous.

Rolls-Royce, which is one of the most famous names in engineering throughout the world, donated £7,000 to the Trenchard Museum because of its link to aviation memorabilia. To many people, Rolls-Royce relates to cars only, however, the founders, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls set out in 1884 to build engines for vehicles on land, at sea and in the air – even before the first powered flight in the UK.

At the start of the First World War, in response to the nation’s needs, Royce designed his first aero engine – the Eagle, providing some half of the total horsepower used in the air war by the allies, ever since Rolls-Royce have played an integral part in military and civil aviation.

Mr Craighead also took in a tour of the now famous WWI restored trenches and the equally famous Halton House which was built for the Rothschild family around the same time that Rolls-Royce was formed.