SATT Holding Scheme

The SATT Holding Scheme allows Servicemen Awaiting Trade Training (SATT) the opportunity for work experience throughout the Royal Air Force whilst awaiting Phase 2 of their Trade Training. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly all SATT holding placements fell through. This meant that as stations got back to some normality, SATT Staff had the task of rebuilding its holding position portfolio. During the first month of the rebuild, over 70 positions were established or re-established thanks to many proactive units around the RAF being keen to provide opportunities for the future Airmen/Airwomen. We currently have SATTs holding at RAF Benson, RAF Brize Norton, RAFC Cranwell and RAF Waddington to name but a few.

Early in this rebuild, Holding Co-ordinators took the opportunity to visit SATTs holding at 33 Sqn and C4i at RAF Benson. The visit was very informative, and it was great to see SATTs gainfully employed and adding value to the Service. The SATTs themselves were grateful for the opportunity as some had been at home awaiting their Phase 2 start for a few months, saying that they felt they were adding value to their holding units and were more motivated as a result. The Sponsors gave glowing reviews of the SATTs under their command and how important their input had been. One SATT responded, when asked what advice they would give to a SATT offered a hold position, ‘Take the opportunity while you can, you get a great insight into all of the RAF trades’.

The Holding Coordinators are also looking to have SATTs working throughout RAF Halton, as we had previously, and would urge anyone who wants the extra support to get in touch. SATTs are currently working at RTS, PSF and the Police Flt. It makes a huge difference to a new member of the Service and gives purpose to their hold period.