Special Forces

When it comes to communities here at RAF Halton you are considered Special; this is whether you are non-service or serving personnel, a spouse, a partner, a service child.

It’s the individual YOU that makes up the community. RAF Halton would not be the same without you. So at times when you may feel powerless to influence, remember you have the capabilities to make a difference and make everything you do something of consequence.

With regards to the Community Support team here at RAF Halton we recognise your Special Forces and with the right policies behind us and the community in front of us we work to achieve the best outcomes for you and with you… after all most of our ideas come from you.

One such idea is in our ‘Community Support Action Plan’ this included additional welfare support to those leaving the service. You may be interested to know that we have heard many good news stories from RAF Halton ex-personnel that have found employment in a variety of areas such as; BT engineers, bursars for schools, management consultants for BP and Shell, health and safety consultants, skill force – working with young people, security guards, accountants and financial consultants, GP’s – travelling the world on cruise ships, and property training consultants with property portfolios. Some personnel have made it so good they are now millionaires several times over.

But you don’t have to be a millionaire to have the same kind of lifestyle at RAF Halton; we try to give you something of the same by putting our efforts into making our facilities and support the best. The Trinity Tropics within the Trinity Community Centre, the children’s Airplay activities, the sporting opportunities, the gym, the cinema, the theatre, the clubs you can affiliate to and all are the envy of most.

For out of area personnel the families left behind can look forward to special lunches, admission tickets to theme attractions such as golden tickets to the Roald Dahl museum, Hell Fire Cave’s or National Trust areas, you can also receive free tickets for our own Station cinema.

To also give you that extra special treatment we have the significance of the Community Covenant, an area of development where the outcomes are changing policies for the better. Focussing on the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE COVENANT ACTION PLAN, the Armed Forces Community Covenant key objectives are: RECOGNISE, REMEMBER, INTEGRATE and SUPPORT.

Armed Forces community comprises serving personnel (both Regular and Reservist) and their dependants; and Veterans and their dependants. The Work strands for the committee which consists of Bucks County executives and the Community Support Team from RAF Halton are:

Health and Wellbeing: Joint work with NHS and RAF Halton on sexual health, sensible drinking and mental well being.

Education and Children and Young People: Service Children Consultative Board in place, 2 x Service Children Coordinators recruited to work in school hubs around RAF Halton and RAF Naphill.

Economy and Skills: The Family Information Service has run a childminder training course specifically for and at Walters Ash, some Halton residents joined in.

Environment and Infrastructure; Web pages specific to Armed Forces families set up on the Bucks County Council Families’ Information web site. Creating links between Web sites ours and Bucks County Council.

Safer and Stronger Communities: Hold 2 County events a year for returning service personnel and support the Bi-annual Armed Forces’ Day.

A consultancy room and play equipment was funded by the Covenant Grant.

Schools Forum agrees to extend provision and fund the pupil premium in 2013-14 for Territorial Army, Navy and Air Force reservist on active service on school census day. They also agree to fund for five years the pupil premium if the parent on active service is killed in action or dies from their wounds.

Early Years premium agreed and maintained.

Educational Psychology Service has a named Educational Psychology for Service children and has placed Service children in their high priority group.

Targeted work with Service families via the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service and Children’s Centres are all just a few of the works that’s been undertaken.

Buckinghamshire Business First have launched a self help business support portal (http://www.bbf.uk.com/bsl) backed up with telephone support providing business planning support and signposting to available finance. This service is being further developed to include workshops and mentoring providing a more comprehensive start-up service for those looking to self employment or starting up a business. Details to be provided as service develop.

Considering the ‘House a Veterans Scheme’ through Housing Association and housing other providers.

Integration between Service communities and the local community is big on everyone’s agenda and we do this at Halton by promoting all of the above. We also actively encourage you to realise your capabilities and as said at the beginning prepare to do something of consequence, as community involvement promotes a better quality of life. Enjoy!