Top Marks

RAF Halton’s Annual Formal Inspection conducted by AOC 22 Gp, AVM Green started with early morning PT on the new confidence course whilst the rest of the Stn readied itself for the inspection which focused on governance and assurance.

The AOC visited a variety of sections on Stn including the airfield, IFPT, RTS and Medical Centre, with all demonstrating governance and assurance practices. 

Meanwhile, the AOC’s wife, Mrs Jane Green, began her separate programme which focussed on welfare. Mrs Green visited a number of welfare facilities on Station in addition to local organisations such as the Multiple Sclerosis Centre and Leonard Pulham Nursing Home. In addition Mrs Green officially opened the underpass which was newly decorated by the SATTs.

The inspection concluded with a very impressive exhibition in the Burnett Gym for both the AOC and Mrs Green.

The Stn Cdr, Gp Capt Chris Elliot, who accompanied the AOC throughout the Inspection said: “The AOC’s and Mrs Green’s programme proved to be very successful in demonstrating the quantity, quality and complexity of outputs at RAF Halton. Well done and thank you to all who make the ‘Halton Team’ the success that it is.”

The AOC said: “The enthusiasm and energy that personnel at all levels apply to their duties at RAF Halton is palpable; without exception, Jane and I were impressed with what we saw and who we met.”