Vulcan Returns

On the 29th September the last remaining Airworthy Vulcan did a tour of places which were associated with the Vulcan over the years. On the list was RAF Halton where apprentices used three airframes for training.

Armed with their packed meals the Cadets headed off to the Airfield site, a quick cuppa was taken before heading down to the pan adjacent to the hangars. Here a large crowd of spectators had already started to assemble, awaiting the arrival of the Vulcan. On the road by the boundary fence in Halton Village, there were many cars parked. It was clear that people had come from far and wide to see the last outing of 2012 of Vulcan “XH558”.

The grand old lady arrived dead on time, her smoky engines giving her away when she was over Aylesbury. You could hear the gasp and then the applause from the awaiting crowd, a very emotive moment for many. It brought back memories of my Cadets days; my very first flight in a Glider was from Halton on a very cold February in 1964. I was very glad of my great coat on that occasion. Whilst waiting for my turn to fly I could not help but notice the array of aircraft parked on the Airfield pan, three Vulcan’s and a Comet come to mind. I recall that these aircraft were flown into Halton in the early sixties and you will find a newspaper cutting in the RAFA club on the subject. Apparently, I was told that when two of the Vulcan’s landed some of the locals thought that they had crashed and phoned the emergency services which caused quite a commotion! Malcolm Wood, Sqn Ldr, OC Air Cadet Radio Activity Centre.