Well Chuffed!

Here at RAF Halton we are well chuffed and this is all due to our success in securing half the funding for the play park projects at Haddington and Tedder Road from the Community Covenant Grant bid and other sources.The Community Covenant Grant Scheme was established to support the Community and to fund local projects that strengthen the ties and mutual understanding between members of the Armed Forces  Community and the wider community in which they live.

Some people would say this is an attractive vision as there can be no such thing as unity within a community but here at RAF Halton we embrace the multi-dimensional concept.

Our play parks and open spaces, such as the disused car park at Haddington, are in decline and it is with unity that we can offer a promise of hope for the regeneration of these specific areas. The bid was discussed at the local level between Bucks County Council and representatives from the Armed Forces (civil and military partnership boards), before it was put to the lead signatories of the Community Covenant for seal of approval.

We are also chuffed and proud here at RAF Halton with the young people who have come forward to represent their peer group at local, regional and national forums. They have been given a task from Bucks County Council to obtain your views on Wendover Local Area Planning priorities and will assist in providing matters of the moment for Stn Planning and other topical issues that require assistance such as cyber bullying, bullying in general, or other issues.  They have recently received training in drugs and alcohol awareness from RAF Police Sergeant Andy Cunningham, a volunteer for the Airplay Youth Club. The Airplay team are also on hand with a listening ear.  If you would like to speak to any of the Young Peoples’ Forum in the first instance contact the Stn Youth Worker or any Airplay staff who can help.  Airplay Youth Club is held in the Trinity Community Centre (TCC) on Tuesday evenings from 18:30 onwards.